Local Adaptation Plans (LAPs)

LOCAL ADAPTATION PLANS (LAPs) are being developed to implement activities under the National Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation with the aim of building the medium- and long-term adaptive capacity of local communities. The Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development (MITADER) is involved in the process of drawing up these plans to support the Strategic Plans for District Development (SDDS), in partnership with local government (district and provincial) and development partners.
LAPs set out climate vulnerabilities in relation to local capacity. In the plans, districts and communities put forward their vision of development in the context of climate change and outline the interventions needed to achieve this vision. To date, 25 district plans have been approved and these will be available to download from this site (in Portuguese).
For more information about the development of the LAPs, watch the video which shows the LAP preparation process and its handover to the community in Zambezia and Gaza Province in Mozambique.

Building Climate Resilience in the Limpopo Basin in Mozambique

Several recent studies have examined the impact that anthropogenic climate change is likely to have on the river basin when it overlays on a region already beset by climate variability challenges. What emerges clearly from these investigations (including ones that integrate climate change modelling using Global Circulation Models or GCMs) is that climate change will make the impacts associated with climate variability more intense and more frequent in this region.1 In other words, while the evidence available thus far does not point to completely new and hitherto unknown phenomena taking place in the Limpopo basin in Mozambique over the period the strategy is designed for (through mid-century or 2050) due to climate change, climate change can be expected to markedly exacerbate the climate variability that the region already struggles with.

National Climate Change Monitoring and Evaluation System (SNMAMC)

In order to monitor and evaluate climate change responses under the National Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy (ENAMMC), a National Climate Change Monitoring and Evaluation System (Sistema Nacional de Monitoria e Avaliação das Mudanças Climáticas - SNMAMC) has been developed with the aim of integrating climate change responses fully in governmental planning and budget systems across ministries. This was approved in October 2014 and provides the basis for national reporting to the Council of Ministers and international conventions, and assists in reporting on climate change funding. 
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